Welcome to Shakti Shiva Academy

Join our transformational community at the intersection of sexuality, psychology, and mysticism.

Imagine being able to connect with and learn from people who are passionate about conscious relationships, sexual awakening, and erotic wisdom - anytime you want.

engaging in the sorts of challenging, important conversations you’ve been yearning for - but haven’t been able to with your friends or family.

learning tools to help you increase your capacity to remain present in your body - no matter what's arising in the moment.

going deep in your learning journey, truly integrating and embodying what you’re learning, not just conceptualizing or intellectualizing.

opening up about things you’ve been wanting to explore in a safe space, full of like-minded, heart-centered humans from all around the world.

learning in a way that works for you - live workshops with experts in the field, self-paced courses, 1:1 coaching & group coaching, professional training programs, Q & A sessions, videos, podcasts, blogs and so much more.

Welcome to Shakti Shiva Academy's

Online Community and School

hosted on Mighty Networks

For years our students and clients have told us they wanted a space to dig deeper into the topics we cover in our programs: conscious relationships, sexual awakening, emotional intelligence, and blending these realms with a spiritual path in this modern world.

Our students love our courses but what happens after the 7 weeks or 3 months or 9 months are over? How do you engage with the course material or your community if you’re not in a course? How do you connect with like-minded people and make new friendships and collaborations?
We’re committed to creating a space where we can support each other and continue our collective transformation insider or outside the classroom.

  • Monthly exploration of a theme
  • Masterclass / Gather'round with a guest teacher on the cutting-edge of sexuality and spirituality / sexuality
  • Updates on events: BlissDance & Breathwork

Your guides in this community experience:

This is a community for open-minded and heart-centered humans who want to ask challenging questions + explore relevant topics related to sexuality and spirituality

How our community works:

  1. Sign-up to our Circle of Fire - it is FREE! Think of it as a more enriching social feed ;)

  2. Once you’re inside the community, you can introduce yourself, make new friends, learn to post, cheer, comment and explore the many resources + opportunities we have for you.

  3. We also encourage you to turn on notifications for the Circle of Fire community so you’ll get reminders about our free,  masterclasses, monthly themes, and so much more!

Cultivate a more loving relationship to your body, yourself, and your sexuality - starting now.

In an increasingly volatile, divided world it’s more important than ever to be the most self-aware, self-loving, embodied versions of ourselves.

When we can be who we truly are - and connect with others who are on the same journey - we’re better able to show up in the world and affect real change.

We have the strength to advocate for ourselves and the things that are important to us. We’re empowered to make our voices heard. We’re no longer distracted or weighed down by past experiences. 

Digging deep into this important work will make you more empowered, more connected, and more supported than you thought possible. No longer burdened by old patterns, conditioning, traumas, or compulsions, you’ll be far more present for the life you’re actually living.

Feel supported, present, and awakened to who you truly are

Do you seek to dig deeper into your studies of conscious relationships, sexual awakening, and erotic wisdom - but you’re busy and overwhelmed and not sure you have time?

We invite you to carve out some time - no matter how small - every week. You and your inner needs are important - more important than running one more errand or sending one more email.

Circle of Fire is a gift you give yourself and we’ve designed this community to meet you exactly where you are. Log in when you have time, come back to the content and the conversations at your leisure.

Not sure the tools and methods we teach will work for you, your body, or your relationships?

Our work is backed by decades of study and has been implemented and iterated by thousands of students worldwide.

That being said, our goal is to provide you with a toolbox you can use, experiment with, and make your own. We’ve worked hard to format our lessons to support different learning styles; you can learn through live, interactive workshops, self-paced courses, audio + video downloads, worksheets, or through discussion and conversation.

Concerned about sharing the inner workings of your intimate life and relationships with strangers on the internet? 

We’ve found that it’s often easier to have these conversations with “strangers on the internet” - rather than your sister or friend. Our work tends to attract exceptionally open-minded humans, so any community we create will be an amazingly supportive space to share your story.

We also took privacy into consideration when we opted to host our community on Mighty Networks. It is much more secure than Facebook, Slack, or Google Meet.

Feeling leary about navigating another tech platform? 

Mighty Networks is quite user friendly! And as soon as you sign up to Circle of Fire, you’ll receive an email with everything you need to know to get started: how-to videos, instructions, important considerations, and suggestions. If in doubt, ask for support.

We’re here to hold your hand until you’re able to fly!

A community for people who know there is more to sexuality than the conventional programming and conditioning we receive. In this community, we are dedicated to exploring that more. 

We peek behind the curtain and not only live from, but embody, what we find.

Our community is for people who want to…
  • meet other amazing humans who are on the journey of awakening to their sexuality
  • share experiences without fear of judgment
  • embody these practices, not just conceptualize them 
  • broaden their perspectives on what’s possible in their living + loving
  • access incredible teachers + expert

It’s time to find people who understand you + support your journey

The education you’ll receive from Shakti Shiva Academy and within the community is incredibly unique, rich, and innovative. We’ll help you go deep into your learning journey, moving beyond conceptual learning to integration and embodiment.

You can learn + connect in whatever way works best for you:
  • expand your education through our workshops and classes

  • find community with like-minded people + have meaningful conversations

  • connect with experts and teachers and access as much support and care as you need

Our community is founded in totality - no part of your human experience is left out. Your desires, your fantasies, your kinks, your anger, your uncomfortable feelings, your addictions and compulsions - all are welcomed with love.  


For any queries, email us:
[email protected]